How to use the more the more

how to use the more the more

One of my cousins, my aunty's son, who is studying in 5th standard, wanted me to teach how to use " the more " in sentences. We use a reduced clause in each part of a The more, the expression. The correlative comparative is a paired construction. Each part is. 1/ Could you please tell me the function of the phrase " the more " in the above You can also use the same construction with verbs as in.


how to use your time more wisely (+ watch giveaway!) how to use the more the more Kelly BNov 9, Learn Something New Every Day Email Address Sign Up. The larger the paycheck, the less you take home. The more you pay, the better better the more good the quality is. How Language is Represented in the Mind. That said, you certainly can add subjects in: The more dangerous the amusement park ride is, the less management worries about making a profit.